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Consider this....

Conspiring with the Earth is the only true path to abundant and sustained health, wealth and happiness.



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Are You Ready?

Now, more than ever before, we are all called to take action in service of ourselves, the community, and the planet.  So, what is stopping you?

My personal call is to work with conscious, heart-centered entrepreneurs who struggle to thrive and prosper because of a crisis with their personal or business wellness. I teach the magic of aligning the mind, body and soul with the Earth for sustainable success, a more abundant life, and BIGGER impact in the World. 



  • You deeply desire to move beyond health issues and rise above survival mode by tapping into your own self-healing and accessible healing powers around you.
  • You are ready to master your wellness and wholeness so you can excel in business, finances, relationships, and be in service to the world with your unique gifts.
  • As an "awakened soul" you seek to respond positively to the current global crises.
  • You understand the importance of deepening your connection with this sacred Earth for true prosperity.

Current Offerings



Private Coaching

If you are seeking to improve your health, wealth, and bring more joy into your life, contact me to schedule a free 30-minute Clarity Call.

My First Global Online Event!

It's happening right now - a speaker series in which I interview 14 brilliant minds to explore the potent intersection of our own healing energy and the loving forces of nature that can truly help us achieve sustainable wellness and prosperity in today's world.